The Cailloux Campus Support Facility Campaign Fund


An active and attractive performing arts complex requires significant back-stage support spaces.

The Cailloux Campus Support Facility is designed to make the Kathleen C. Cailloux City Center for the Arts more comfortable for performers, more efficient in its operations, and better able to support a wide variety of artists, ensembles, and art forms as it brings an entire world of artistic opportunities to the Hill Country. Below are some of the ways this exciting development will improve The Cailloux campus, making it an even better destination for arts and entertainment in the Hill Country.


support floor plan

Scenic Construction & Storage

A large, well equipped scenic construction shop will provide a wide variety of options for both building original productions and supporting touring productions.  Set, prop and furniture storage will allow for unique items to be retained for future use.

Costume Construction & Storage

Facilities for creating, repairing, cleaning and storing costumes will enhance both locally produced and touring events on campus, and climate-controlled storage will maximize long-term use of costumes, shoes, wigs, hats and more.

Dressing Rooms/Green Roomside of support facility

Through this main entrance, and just feet from the Cailloux Stage Door, performers will find additional back-stage preparation and waiting areas, including clean, efficient dressing rooms and a comfortable “green room”.  Both spaces will be connected to the Cailloux main stage  by means of audio speakers and a talk-back system.

Classroom/Rehearsal Studio

In a space about the same size as the stage of The Cailloux Theater, we’ll host a variety of classes for young people in The Playhouse 2000 Youth Theater Program and more.  With a sprung floor for participant safety, plus dance mirrors, equipment storage areas and full sound playback systems, this space will also serve as a rehearsal hall for P2K productions and a “holding area” for large performing groups.

Ownership & Management

Like The Cailloux Theater, the Cailloux Campus Support Facility will be owned by The City of Kerrville, and managed on their behalf by Playhouse 2000.  The VK Garage Theater, the 2nd performing space on the Cailloux Campus, will remain under the ownership of Playhouse 2000.

The Wall of Honor

All contributions to the Campaign Fund for the construction of the Cailloux Campus Support Facility will be acknowledged in perpetuity on the “Wall of Honor” to be located just inside the main entrance to the building.wall of honor

The wall will be designed and hand assembled by the same volunteer artisans that create the striking scenery for Playhouse 2000 shows.

The modular, polished wood design will highlight each and every donor name, with the size and placement of each name determined by the size of the contribution (see sample to the right).

Unlike other donor recognition opportunities, the “Wall of Honor” is flexible enough to allow for continuous updating in the future, when additional opportunities for support will arise.

As a Campaign Fund Donor, you can choose how you will be recognized on the Wall.  We’re happy to customize your recognition in honor of a loved one, in memory of a person or event, even in celebration of a birthday or anniversary.  Let your imagination be your guide!

Get your name on The Wall of Honor by making a gift of any size to the Campaign Fund today!