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March 30 –  TEXMO Entertainment presents Michael Martin Murphey on Sunday, March 30, 2014 at 7:30 p.m.

Rolling Stone called Michael Martin Murphey “one of the best songwriters in America.”  He has topped the Pop, Country, Bluegrass and Western Music charts, earned six gold albums and multiple Grammy nominations with songs like “Wildfire,” “Carolina In The Pines”, “Cowboy Logic,” “Cherokee Fiddle”, “Boy From The Country” and more.

A native Texan, Murphey’s songs have always reflected his lifestyle, and are understandably seen through a Western lens. He says, “I grew up in Texas, the world’s number one musical crossroads where anything goes musically.  Texas has produced great artists from every genre. You can wake up and say ‘today, I think I’ll write a symphony’ and you can find an audience for it there. The same can be said about any genre in music.  Texans love music.”

According to BMI, Murphey has 5 million-performance songs — “Wildfire” (3.9 million), “Cherokee Fiddle” (1.92 million), “Carolina In The Pines” (1.65 million), “Talking To The Wrong Man” (1.21 million), “Still Takin’ Chances” (1.2) — and a total of 11 award-winning BMI songs (6 in Country and 5 in Pop).  Also, according to BMI, repeat, back to back performances of his award winning songs alone, with each song averaging 3 minutes each, would amount to 64 years of continuous airplay.

This will be a GREAT Concert filled with ICONIC songs.  Get your BEST SEATS by reserving early. 

We’ll see YOU at the Cailloux for the Second in our TEXMO Star Concert Series. For information on upcoming concerts go to www.TEXMOentertainment.com or check us out on FaceBook at www.Facebook.com/TEXMOentertainment or call 417-699-6199 for information. TEXMO entertainment is located right here in Kerrville at 708 Myrta.

All Seats are RESERVED for this performance, so get yours now!

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