Russian Folk Festival

Feb 3 – With its combination of traditional balalaika musicians, Russian folk dancers, and the booming Baritone voice of  Nikolai Massenkoff, the Russian Folk Festival is a riot of traditional colors, sounds and textures to dazzle all senses.

Massenkoff has appeared in more than 40 states and 12 countries, including  recent tours of Russia, China and the Phillipines; has performed at the Olympic Games, in Carnegie Hall and Epcot Center; has shared the stage with the likes of Bob Hope, Julio Eglesias, Tony Bennett and Liberace; and has received awards including the Laureate of the First International Song Festival.

Even with all this, perhaps the most persuasive recommendation for the Massenkoff Russian Folk Festival is the sheer volume of praise heaped upon their performances by presenters, fellow artists, and audiences:  “a thrilling performance,” “unforgettable,” “an absolutely delightful evening.”

You’re sure to enjoy this high-spirited celebration of Russian heritage!  The Russian Folk Festival will be presented Sunday, February 3 at 3 p.m.


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