Jesuspainter Ministries

March 17 – Hosanna Lutheran Church present Mike Lewis and the Jesuspainter Ministries.  Mike Lewis has been painting at Christian events since mid 1998. He paints large portraits of Christ in under twenty minutes.

It began when his close friend, Christian songwriter Seth Haines, told him that he had written a song called “Intimate Portrait” and wanted Mike to paint a portrait of Christ on stage during the song. Although Mike was in art school, he had never really painted before. The request was actually rather unreasonable in terms of possibility. Seth wanted a portrait large enough for an entire audience to see and also a likeness to Christ painted in seven minutes. Artists will tell you that usually portraits are very time consuming and some spend years on a single piece.  After several months of thought and preparation the night arrived. Mike did not have the available funds to do a practice painting so the first try was live on stage. Many people were in the crowd who wanted Mike to come paint for a youth group or church service, the rest as they say “was history”. Now there are four programs available for public performance. He now paints and speaks on a regular basis.



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