Barefoot in the Park

April 5-21 – From the pen of America’s most important comic playwright, Barefoot In the Park has joined the ranks of the classic stage comedies.  Corrie and Paul Bratter are two crazy-in-love newlyweds who have rented their first apartment – a fixer-upper if ever there was one, and six long flights of stairs up a New York brownstone.  Corrie’s free-spirited attempts to get her staid husband and even more stodgy mother to lighten up and live a little are abetted by the eccentric upstairs neighbor, Mr. Velasco, leading to a night of hilarious disaster.  This “Tony” Award winning play will leave you breathless with laughter and smitten with this whole gaggle of lovelorn characters.  Don’t miss it!

Barefoot in the Park Cast Announced

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