Wizard of Oz Cast

As always, thanks so much to everyone who took time and invested energy in our auditions for The Wizard of Oz.  It’s always nice to have options – and I sincerely thank you all for making the choices so difficult!


While I wish we could take advantage of ALL of the talent shown at the audition, our resources are limited, and therefore the number of participants in the show must be limited.  If you don’t see your name in the cast list below, I hope you’ll consider being part of the production in another capacity.  We have lots of needs outside of the footlights, and I’d love to talk to you about how you can help.  Please drop me a line at Jeffrey@Playhouse2000.com.


If you DO see your name below, please send a note to Stage Manager Rachel Boland (rachellboland@gmail.com) to confirm your participation, and join us for first meeting on Monday, June 11 at 7:30 pm in the VK Garage.  If you cannot attend, contact Rachel to get an information form to complete and return.


I am SO looking forward to the adventure that we’re setting out on.  Let’s all follow that yellow brick road!  See you soon.






Playhouse 2000


The Wizard of Oz


Preliminary Cast List

                In order of appearance

Dorothy Gale                                                     Taylor Sparkman

Auntie Em                                                           Carol Maryan

Uncle Henry                                                       Tom Terrell

Zeke (The Cowardly Lion)                             Jeff Talarico

Hickory (The Tin Woodsman)                      Christopher Distel

Hunk (The Scarecrow)                                   Zachary Salcich

Almira Gultch (Wicked Witch)                     Amy Goodyear

Professor Marvel (Wizard)                           Paul E. Stafford




Emma Sullivan

Gracie Sample

Brandy Bratton

Rachel McCormick

Amanda Segura

CJ Goodyear

Kortnie Franzen

McKenna Zachary

Chrislyn Sparkman

Rayna Nizbett

Sarah Neal

Eli Lovelady

Phoenix Miller

Malia Segura

Melody Vinson

Lexie Neutze

Casaleah Coyne

Brook Meismer

Sarah McCormick

Marilyn Howell



Glinda, the good witch                                  Sarah Newberry


Residents of Oz (also orchestral Chorus)


Katie Murphy

Gay Hibdon

Samantha Leinweber

Brittany Bird

Chelsea Ensinger

Caroline Couch

Natalie Herrera

Carole Weatherred

Darcey Hill

Shara Lovelady

Joan Bryson

Hayley Pickens

Nora Segura

Carol Maryann

Elizabeth Thorpe

Jennifer Attridge

Skye Lovelady

Jerry Mertz

Ian Banchs

Rob Ward

Tom Terrell

Ryan Griffin

Richard Cage



Nikko, Monkey Commander                       [TBA]

4 Additional flying monkeys pulled from Munchkin Chorus

Winkie General                                                 Rob Ward

6 additional Winkies pulled from Adult Chorus