Moon Over Buffalo Audition Info

The opening production in the P2K 2012 season is Ken (Lend Me A Tenor) Ludwig’s farce Moon Over Buffalo, an homage to the days of theatrical dynasties like the Barrymores and the Lunts.  Charlotte and George Hay have been reduced to performing “the one-nostril” version of Cyrano at the somewhat run-down Erlanger Theater in 1953’s Buffalo New York.  When the opportunity to become Frank Capra’s  newest big-screen stars coincides with a day of big announcements from other members of the cast, the hilarious complications lead to loads of laughs.

Characters include:

  • George Hay, (plays 50’s) dashing leading man – at least he was in his younger days.  Must be a great physical comedian, as capable of a staggering drunk scene as he is of creating larger-than-life “Cyrano de Bergerac” sword-play;
  • Charlotte Hay, (plays 50’s) lovely leading lady, long suffering wife and grande-dame of the boards; the kind of actress who can melt hearts in a love scene and come back with a wicked left hook;
  • Ethel, (plays 80’s) Charlotte’s irascible but irreplaceable Mother, hard of hearing and even harder of liking; always ready with a sewing needle – and a verbal barb to go with it;
  • Rosalind, (plays 20’s) the Hay’s daughter, trying to convince everyone – including herself – that she’s given up the theater life;
  • Howard, (plays 20’s) a local TV weatherman recently engaged to Rosalind;
  • Eileen, (plays 20’s), a member of the company with a secret – one that can’t stay secret forever;
  • Paul, (plays 20’s) a member of the company who had been Rosalind’s presumed match until Roz took off for a less “dramatic” life;
  • Richard, (plays 50’s) one of New York’s best-known agents and a life long friend of the Hay’s – but now more interested in Charlotte than George.

Audition info:

Sunday, December 4 at 2:00 and Monday, December 5 at 7:30 (only one audition appearance is required).  A one-minute comic monologue is encouraged, but not required.  Director is Jeffrey Brown.  Sarah Distel is Stage Manager.  Preview scripts are available at the Box Office through November 30th.

P.S.  If you have a copy of the script checked out, remember to return it promptly so that others can read it as well.  Thanks.