Thanks to all who auditioned!

We’re going to try to get everyone together for a “First Meeting” on Sunday, June 9 at 2:00 to achieve the following:

          Get everyone introduced

          Discuss company policies, etc

          Pass out rehearsal materials and announce rehearsal schedule for weeks one and two

          Get ALL measurements taken

Playhouse 2000 presents

The King and I

Cast List:

(in order of appearance)

Captain Orton

Neill Day

Louis Leonowens

Elias Christensen

Anna Leonowens

Maggie Meek

The Interpreter/Phra Alack

Tom Terrell

The Kralahome

Justin “Tex” Griffiths


Chris Distel

Lun Tha

Marcus Goodyear

Tup Tim

Nora Segura

Lady Thiang

Carole Weatherred

Prince Chulalongkorn

Phoenix Miller

Princess Ying Yaowalak

Elyse Brooks

Sir Edward Ramsay

Mitch Mitchell

Princes and Princesses (Children)

(in order of height)

Theo Distel

Isaiah Brooks

Lucienne Shaw

Keaton Mitchell

Bhodey Miller

Norah Distel

Evangeline Horton

Georgia Horton

Alina McCormick

Lyle Goodyear

Hailey Erlund

Casaleah Coyne

Royal Dancers

(in order of height)

Anneliese Bosworth

Animate Mazurek

Brooke Kristine Meismer

CJ Goodyear

Amanda Segura

Chrislyn Sparkman

Taylor Sparkman

Royal Wives

(in order of height0

Chloe Tugwell

Ginny Shaw

Angela Moore

Marcia Valvo

Deanna Jordan

Carol Vincent

Barbara Berlin