The King & I Audition Info

The King and I
Music and Lyrics by
Richard Rogers and Oscar Hammerstein, II

Auditions, Sunday, June 2 at 2:30 and Monday, June 3 at 7:30 p.m. in the
Cailloux Theater
Rehearsals begin June 9
Performances, July 26 through August 10, 2013
In The Cailloux Theater

In this classic American Musical, we follow the story of Anna Leonowens, a
real woman who actually travelled from London to become a teacher for the
children of the King of Siam.  A somewhat romanticized version of her story
unfolds, featuring a clandestine love story between  a young woman “given”
to the king and her delivery-man, Miss Anna’s growing relationship with the
King; and his relationships to his wives, his children, his people and the
world.  Ultimately we learn lessons about slavery, the way the world
progresses, and the pitfalls of ultimate sovereignty.

Roles Available:
.       Anna Leonowens, a proper, yet forceful British woman, able to hold
her own in the strongest company, yet loveable from the first glimpse.  Old
enough to have a 11 to 16-year old son.
Sings: Whistle a Happy Tune, Hello Young Lovers, Shall we Dance,
several more.

.       The King, a powerful man who truly desires the best for his people,
but requires total obedience from all subjects, earnestly interested in
learning, but puzzled by some things he learns.
Sings: A Puzzlement, Song of the King, Shall we Dance,

.       The Kralahome, the King’s right-hand-man, highly protective of both
the King and his own power.

.       Lady Thiang, the King’s first wife, sturdy and efficient, and loving
in ways we don’t always understand.
Sings: Something Wonderful, Western People Funny
.       Tuptim, a “gift” to the King from a nearby land, meant to be his
slave-wife, in love with Lun Tha
Sings: My Lord and Master, We Kiss in a Shadow, I Have
Dances: the Small House of Uncle Thomas
.       Lun Tha, the man who delivers and watches over Tuptim, also her
lover and would-be husband
Sings: We Kiss in a Shadow, I Have Dreamed

.       Louis Leonowens, Anna’s son, capable, bright, open to new
experiences in this new world.
Sings: Whistle a Happy Tune, A Puzzlement
.       Prince Chulalongkorn, the King’s son – one of many – but first in
line for the throne.  About the same age as Louis
Sings: A Puzzlement

.       Sir Edward Ramsay, a British Ambassador
.       Captain Orton, a British sailor

.       The People of Siam
Phra Alack
Priests of Siam
Royal Wives
Sing: “Scene Before Curtain”, Getting to Know You,
Finale Act 1, Western People Funny,

.       The Children of Siam
Princes and Princesses
Sing: “Schoolroom Scene”, Getting to Know You, Finale Act 1

Royal Dancers
Dance: The Small House of Uncle Thomas