Pure As Driven Snow Audition Info

Directed by Jim Boman, this melodrama project will be presented at the Dietert Center.


Zemah Logan: 50’s-60’s She runs the Riverside Inn

Jonathan Logan: 50′-60’s Her poor put upon husband

Ethelinda Hewlitt: 40’s-50’s A society matron, rather snobbish

Alison Hewlitt: Her young daughter, very childish in manner, 16-18

Leander Longfellow: Our hero in his 20’s

Purity Dean: Suffering with a secret, mature for her years, early-mid 20’s

Mortimer Frothingham: Our villain, 40’s-50’s

Jed Lunn: Uncouth helper to Mortimer, any age

Eric Z. Pickens: In his 20’s, very poised and well mannered

Imogene Pickens: 18-mid 20’s: spoiled and headstrong used to getting her own way

Faith Houge: 40’s-50’s, gentle woman

Letty Barber: 30-40, maid to Faith

Nellie Morris: self-confident, never loses her poise, 30’s-40’s