Measure for Measure Cast

Thanks to all who auditioned for our 2nd annual Shakespeare in the Park and this year’s production MEASURE FOR MEASURE.  First read through will be Monday, April 29 at 7:30 p.m. in the VK Garage Theater.


Angelo:  David McGuff

Escalus: Ken DeZarn

Claudio:  Anthony Farmer

Lucio: Adam Guerra

The Provost: Jeffery Hensel

The Duke: TBD

Thomas: Steve Roberts

Elbow: Mitch Mitchell

Froth: Ryan Griffin

Pompey: George Dickson

Barnardine: Daniel Miller

Isabella: Kayla Rohrbach

Marinana: Jessica Roberts

Juliet: Tiffany Schulze

Francisca: Paula Karl

Mistress Overdone: Heather Cunningham