Do Not Go Gentle Audition Information

Auditions will be Sunday, February 12 at 4 p.m. and Monday, February 13 at 7 p.m. – you may attend either session.

Cast Size: 6 (2 men and 4 women)

Age range: 12 to mid-80s


Lillian Barron (late 60’s-mid-80’s) – Throughout the show we understand that she has passed into the “great beyond” and is watching the family deal with the settlement of her estate.  Some scenes are from her former life to help us understand her relationship with her son and granddaughter.  Lillian is a constant presence and never leaves the stage.

Joanna (30s-40s) – Lillian’s niece

Windsor (30s-40s) – Lillian’s son, Colonel in the Air Force – military demeanor is key to this character – could be  younger actor that is aged

Kelly (teen) – Lillians’ granddaughter – a bit of a rebel but was very close to her grandmother

Mildred Flumac (mid 30s) – professional real estate sale organizer – comic character role

Nobody (10-young teens) – Lillian’s friend – a young juvenile delinquent saved by his relationship with Lillian

The cast will have to develop a real ensemble.  Each character is key to the others and will need to play off each other.  This production stresses the value of family and the need to understand each other.  It also stresses what things are really important in life.  The show uses a number of flashbacks established through light and music to help us understand the relationship of these characters.

Auditions will be somewhat different – we will do reading from the script at the end which will be used to select the final cast.  We will do a number of exercises to better understand the characters and we will spend time discussing family values, who has been important in our lives, etc.

Non-acting positions needed – Assistant Director, Stage Manager, Props Head, Costume Head.  If you are interested, let Director Jim Boman know via email – or by phone 257-7507.