Girl in the Freudian Slip Audition Info

The Girl in the Freudian Slip

A comedy by William Brown

Auditions, December 12 and 13, 2012 at 7:30 p.m. in the VK Garage Theater

Performances, February 1 – 17

VK Garage Theater


Dr. Dewey Maugham is a typical, unpretentious 1960’s-era psychiatrist with a fashion artist wife and a precocious 17-year-old daughter.  Three years ago, he also had a nymphomaniac for a client – a situation with obvious potential for disaster.  He’s proud to have kept everything in control, until unforeseen circumstances bring him tete-a-tete with temptation once again.  Can he hold it all together?  Or will his own, unsuspecting family bring things crashing down around him?  You’ll find out in this laugh-a-minute comedy that’s been called “the funniest show of the season.”  Make your appointment today!


Roles Available:

  • Dr. Dewey Maugham (plays mid 30’s or so) – a pretty straight-forward guy who gets caught-up in a mess he only partly helps create.
  • Paula Maugham (mid 30’s) – Dewey’s wife, confident and self-aware, but capable of a jealous rage when it’s called for.
  • Leslie Maugham (15 to 17) – the Maugham’s daughter, wise beyond her years, looking for a little excitement on the home front.
  • Mr. Wellman (any age) – a patient of Dr. Maugham’s psychology practice, insecure and neurotic – the most physically comic character in the play.
  • Dr. Alec Rice (30 to 60) – a friend and colleague to Dr. Maugham, a little too free with his friendly flirtation with Paula.
  • Barbara Leonard (20 to 40) – a former patient of the Doctor, who has only covered up, rather than cured her penchant for “nymphomania”.  (Will appear on-stage in lingerie.)

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