King Arthur Cast List

King Arthur Chronicles

Rough Cast List

Zachary Daniel Salcich           Merlin

Taylor Sparkman                     Vivian

Neill Day                                 Padraig

Ryan Griffin                            Mordred

Jessica Roberts                      Morgan

Brent Mills                               Lancelot

Deanna  Brandt                      Guinevere

Marc West                               Galahad

Ken DeZarn                             Arthur

Stephen Roberts                       Bors

Michael Ryder                         Owain

John Riedman                          Pellinore

Lawrence Hedricks                  Agricola

Peter Walker                            Culhwch

Paul Scheineman                     Lot

Jim Bowan                               Leodegranz

Jordan Zapata                          Gawain

David Theis                             Cerdic

Stacy Horn                               Helwig

Chloe Hedricks                     Druid Ovate (Priestess)-(understudy)

Shelby Lester                           Druid Ovate (Priestess)-(understudy)

Shirley Dixon                          Druid Ovate (Priestess)

Kerri Sparkman                        Druid Ovate (Priestess)

Chrislyn Sparkman                  Druid Ovate (Priestess)

Kate Jones-Waddell                 Druid Ovate (Priestess)

Chandler Bowan                      Saxon Warrior

Tanner Overstake                    Saxon Warrior

Ryan Bowman                         Saxon Warrior

Sloan Frierson                          Saxon Warrior

Kenzie Steward                         Saxon Warrior

Jane Angelus                           Helwig’s servant (understudy)

Paige Larranaga                       Helwig’s servant

Jeff Cunningham                     Stage Director

Joan Bryson                             Asst. Director

Kelly Geller                             Stage Manager

Chris Valentine                      Fight Choreographer and Coach

This is a rough list. If you are on this list, you are in the show (if you are interested).  There might be some moving around, especially among the British Lords. However, everyone on this list will remain in the show with a sizable role. Our first meeting/read-thru will be at 6:30PM on Monday June 6th.  We will discuss further scheduling at that time.  Rehearsals and Fight Choreography will be challenging but exciting.  Please message me at (830) 896-9393 ext. 226 or to confirm

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