ANNIE Cast Announcement


Thank you to all those that auditioned!  We cast as many of you as we could – and we encourage you to keep auditioning.

Those of you that find your name below – Congratulations!  I look forward to getting to know each and everyone of you.  PLEASE remember that while you may be under the Hooverite, NYC & servants heading, you are the most important part of the show – you are the backbone of this production.

I would like to hold a cast meeting on Monday April 4th at 6:30pm.  This meeting will be held in the Cailloux Theater, and if you are under the age of 18, we ask that a parent or guardian accompany you.  We will be doing some preliminary paperwork, and go over schedules and get some measurements.  See you Monday!!

Annie                                               Brooklyn Britton

Pepper (double casted)           Taylor Sparkman                     Ellie Butler

July (double casted)                Hannah Johle                          Ileana Scoccia

Duffy (double casted)             Chrislyn Sparkman                 Kaylee Lackey

Tessie (double casted)             Chloe Keen                               Audrey Adrian Jellett

Kate double casted)                Michel Janse                            Maddison Danford

Molly (double casted)             CJ Goodyear                                      Sarah Neal


          Taylor Abshier               Ruthie Berg          Emma Claire Buckaloo   Kelly Burns    Elizabeth Calhoun                   Kianna Dao          Hailey Erlund                 Lauren Fox            Kortnie Franzen             Jaydea Houser      Savannah Lopez             Phoenix Miller                Lexie Neutze                  Rayna Nisbett       Mary Orms                    Emily  Peter           Gracie Sample                Brooke Secor        Davis Sweet                    Beth Cunningham          Georgia Horton              Evangeline Horton                   Eleanor Distel       Berkley Britton        Page Bacon                     Lauren Ferguson

Rooster Hannigan                                        Jeremy Sosa

Drake                                                                     Paul Stafford   

Franklin Delano Roosevelt                    Fred Henneke

Judge Brandeis                                                Shane Britton

Bert Healy                                                           Marcus Goodyear

Fred McCracken                                             Matthew Rathbun

Sound Effects Man                                        Jordan Zapata

Jimmy Johnson                                             Marc West 

Dog Catchers (2)                                            Marc West           Jordan Zapata

Miss Hannigan                                                Roslyn Houghton

Grace Farrell                                                    Deanna Brandt             

Lily St. Regis (double casted)                   Rieley Matthews             Ambra Andrew

Boylan Sisters

Ronnie,Connie & Bonnie                        Kenzie Stewart     Francy Neal          Andrea DeLeon

Mrs. Greer, Cecille & Annette              Carole Weatherred   Heather Butler    Rachel McCormick 

Mrs. Pugh                                                           Pam Pete

Apple Seller                                                      Melissa Paget

Mrs. Roosevelt                                               Hannah McDonald

General Female Lead Understudy: Andrea DeLeon

Hooverites, NYC , Warbucks Maids & Servants :

Abbey Appel         Heather Butler               Shirley Dixon       Jaydea Houser     Kate Jones-Waddell        Shelby Kuykendall                   Rachel McCormick         Hannah McDonald                 Francy Neal        Pam Peter             Lily Scholl    Kenzie Stewart     Carol Vincent       Melissa Paget        Braedon Schlechte   Marc West           Matthew Rathbun                   Jordan Zapata      Tara Franzen     Ian Sharp             Jack Sharp            Jack Davenport              Christopher Lewis       Aidan Smith                   Hayden Johnson   Andrea DeLeon              LeAnn Blundell         Jenny Anthony     Macy Rhodes

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